Friday, May 3, 2013

fort worth stock show & rodeo/valentine's day

the boys got all "cowboyed" up for their annual trip to the fort worth stock show and rodeo. they always have a great time with pops, uncle jon, and cade. they came home smelling "like money" as court likes to say. i only got a pic of beckham in his hat & boots right before they left. as soon as he got in the car, he decided that he wanted to be comfortable and wear tennis shoes and no hat! 

they boys also got to dress up for rodeo day at school. they were SO excited to wear their hats, vest, and boots to school. SO HANDSOME!
family game night - we always have so much fun! and i think the boys and i beat daddy a couple of times!
 2013 was one of the BEST valentine's days EVER!!! the boys sent me out to get pampered with a lovely pedicure and when i came home, this is what i found. 3 dressed up handsome waiters. they made me dinner and wore ties w/aprons and brought me all of my yummy food! court was SO excited to clean up any spills with his towel (so of course i had a spill at the table). cutest boys ever and they LOVED serving - i told rhett this would need to be an annual tradition!! way to go babe!!

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Mimi said...

What a sweet memory for Pops and the boys!