Thursday, April 18, 2013

thanksgiving 2012

thanksgiving started off with the grimes' clan after celebrating beckham's 3rd birthday. beckham discovered a love for cool whip (he is definately my child) and helped us cook. apparently he was the only one i took pictures of because these 2 are all i have! we are always so thankful to spend time with our family - it's a wild and crazy time with 4 under 5 (and soon to be 1 more) but we love every minute of our extended family time!

we then headed to groom because it was our year to spend thanksgiving with the patterson clan. the james family was there as well so we had tons of fun with the cousins: hadley, ryan, and reese. we played outside most of the time and wore them out good!!

aunt heather had a fun bird feeder craft for us to do

lots of snuggle time and baking with nanny! we all gained a few extra pounds this week!

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