Tuesday, August 10, 2010

summer fun

it's almost too hot to swim this week because the pool water is even warm. but, boy are we glad we can go jump in mimi/pops pool whenever we want! we joined cade, tatum, and aunt missy at mom/dads today to swim and play. and snuggle.... fun, fun, fun!

catching up on new baby smell..... boy, it makes me get baby fever!!! but, NOT YET for us! beckham needs to be 2 at LEAST!

mimi and her favorite girl!
little miss snoozing away!

cade and court being goofy as always

court decided he wanted to take pics... he did pretty good with this one!
hopefully, we'll get in a few more swim dates before summer is over. 


Mimi said...

The absolute LOVES of my life! Loved having you all!

Mike and Kim said...

Beautiful pictures!! LOVE that baby smell. She is precious!!