Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beckham is 9 months old

what? did i really just write that? i can't believe it! beckham is now a CRAWLER!!! he's still perfecting his moves, but boy does he like being able to get places! court - watch out because all of "your toys" will now be shared with beckham. i feel world war 3 coming on. 
beckham is in one of my favorite phases - starting to crawl, and showing us his precious personality. when rhett comes home from work each day, he gets SO EXCITED to see him that tears start falling and rhett has no choice but to pick him up right away. beckham has definitely found his voice because he can let out the loudest squeal whether he is happy, sad, or mad. changing beckham's diapers should be considered an olympic sport at this point because there is NO laying still. we give him toy after toy to distract him but he is still ALL over the place. the other day, i think it took rhett 15 minutes to change his diaper and i hear - "man, that is the HARDEST diaper i have EVER changed!"
i don't have his "official" stats yet, but we go to the doc next week. i know he is definitely growing though! 
we are so thankful for this precious baby boy. i need him to stay a baby for a bit longer because i'm not really ready for him to be all grown up yet! God has blessed me SO much and i am SO thankful to be this little boy's mommy! 


Mimi said...

Happy 9 months old Beckham! What a fun 9 months we've had getting to know you! You make our hearts happy every time we see you and LOVE your cute squeals! We love how you love your Mommy, Daddy, and big brother SO MUCH! What a blessing you are to all of us!

Grimes Life said...

happy NINE months little Beckham Pierce!! :) Can't wait to see this crawling in action! You are a cutie patootie!