Monday, November 30, 2009

the king and his throne

this is what you get to do when nanny and grandad are here and you have laryngitis.  i think we will have to watch mickey mouse clubhouse like this from now on.... :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Beckham Pierce Patterson

born Thursday, November 19, 2009
at 5:23 AM (yes, you read that right)
weighing in at 7 lbs and 20 1/2 in. long

Friday, November 13, 2009

zoo trip

we headed to the zoo on wednesday after my 38 week doc. appt where she said that NOTHING had changed. so, why not go to the zoo?? we had so much fun looking at the animals on such a GORGEOUS day! mimi and pops tagged along with us to help keep up with busy boy. i rented my little motorized scooter since i knew i wouldn't be able to walk the whole zoo and also because that was the only way rhett would let me go. :) can't wait to take BOTH of my boys to the zoo one day.

court found a huge sand box and i think he would have stayed there playing if we had let him. 

sitting on the scooter together. court found the "horn" and i think annoyed everyone around us!

mr. independent

checking out the penguins while they got lunch

giving the alligator a kiss

blowing the elephants a kiss

checking out the giraffes 

hangin' with mimi and pops

and this is the famous scooter. YES - my belly is THAT big! a lady even came up to me and yelled WOW - YOU'RE ABOUT TO POP! yes, thank you for that..... i know! :) 9 more days til my due date. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beckham's Room

we have finally finished the baby's new room. just in time for baby beckham to arrive...... any day now. :) here are the LOVELY ladies that did all the bedding, diaper stacker, pillows, blankets, crib skirt, etc. love it all!! this is melissa's  (my sil) mom and nanny. they did a fabulous job! i just know beckham will love it! :) the only thing missing is curtains (rhett's mom is making those) and beckham's name over his crib. i'm still trying to come up with something cute for his name. any suggestions?

aunt missy (melissa) went shopping when we thought beckham was coming early. she did a FABULOUS job with all the accessories! :)
do you see the shelf over the changing pad? rhett made that! isn't he talented?!?! my MIL nancy painted the shelf and helped with all of the last minute touches for the room. we are so grateful!

i only have the closet door open to show you the shelves rhett made for the closet. again - i have the most amazing and talented husband! :)

and here i am at 36 weeks preggo. i don't think i can get any bigger! :)

halloween 2009

this was court's "2nd" halloween. he was only 7 months old last year, so i doubt he remembers how cute he was then. but, i sure do! this year, he was a fireman because he loves to imitate the fire truck siren. he had a hard day of very little sleep, so i worried that we would be a cranky trick-or-treater. but, he got a short snooze on the way to uncle jon, aunt missy, and cousin cade's house, so he was good to go. we joined them at a church festival and court just loved taking it all in! :)  we didn't stay too long because we were ALL getting hungry. we stayed just long enough to find the balloons because these boys love balloons! then, we headed out to eat and then home to catch a good nights sleep! :)

here is cade....ummmm excuse me, i mean NEMO! :)

the boys and their daddies having fun on the slide!:)