Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloween 2009

this was court's "2nd" halloween. he was only 7 months old last year, so i doubt he remembers how cute he was then. but, i sure do! this year, he was a fireman because he loves to imitate the fire truck siren. he had a hard day of very little sleep, so i worried that we would be a cranky trick-or-treater. but, he got a short snooze on the way to uncle jon, aunt missy, and cousin cade's house, so he was good to go. we joined them at a church festival and court just loved taking it all in! :)  we didn't stay too long because we were ALL getting hungry. we stayed just long enough to find the balloons because these boys love balloons! then, we headed out to eat and then home to catch a good nights sleep! :)

here is cade....ummmm excuse me, i mean NEMO! :)

the boys and their daddies having fun on the slide!:)


Mimi said...

When GOD blessed us, HE blessed us ABUNDANTLY!

Maegan said...

You need to frame the side profile picture of Court - beautiful little fireman...I mean handsome!