Friday, November 13, 2009

zoo trip

we headed to the zoo on wednesday after my 38 week doc. appt where she said that NOTHING had changed. so, why not go to the zoo?? we had so much fun looking at the animals on such a GORGEOUS day! mimi and pops tagged along with us to help keep up with busy boy. i rented my little motorized scooter since i knew i wouldn't be able to walk the whole zoo and also because that was the only way rhett would let me go. :) can't wait to take BOTH of my boys to the zoo one day.

court found a huge sand box and i think he would have stayed there playing if we had let him. 

sitting on the scooter together. court found the "horn" and i think annoyed everyone around us!

mr. independent

checking out the penguins while they got lunch

giving the alligator a kiss

blowing the elephants a kiss

checking out the giraffes 

hangin' with mimi and pops

and this is the famous scooter. YES - my belly is THAT big! a lady even came up to me and yelled WOW - YOU'RE ABOUT TO POP! yes, thank you for that..... i know! :) 9 more days til my due date. 


Mandy said...

such cute pics! :) I can't wait for you to POP so we can meet that sweet little boy!

Becky said...

Sweet post, good memories to hold onto right before little Beckham makes you a family of 4!!!

And seriously, the pic of you on the scooter, 9 months pregnant...PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya friend :)

Misty said...

i love it that you are still going out - making the most of this time before you are mommy of two. can't wait to see little beckham. keep us posted, praying for your delivery!