Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beckham's Room

we have finally finished the baby's new room. just in time for baby beckham to arrive...... any day now. :) here are the LOVELY ladies that did all the bedding, diaper stacker, pillows, blankets, crib skirt, etc. love it all!! this is melissa's  (my sil) mom and nanny. they did a fabulous job! i just know beckham will love it! :) the only thing missing is curtains (rhett's mom is making those) and beckham's name over his crib. i'm still trying to come up with something cute for his name. any suggestions?

aunt missy (melissa) went shopping when we thought beckham was coming early. she did a FABULOUS job with all the accessories! :)
do you see the shelf over the changing pad? rhett made that! isn't he talented?!?! my MIL nancy painted the shelf and helped with all of the last minute touches for the room. we are so grateful!

i only have the closet door open to show you the shelves rhett made for the closet. again - i have the most amazing and talented husband! :)

and here i am at 36 weeks preggo. i don't think i can get any bigger! :)


Mimi said...

Isn't it the cutest nursery ever and Melissa was so sweet to get all the darling accessories on that cold rainy day! Now just to meet our precious little fella' and love him with all our hearts! Have I told you lately how very blessed I am with all of our precious little boys!

The Dedwylder Family said...

Love the nursery! Everyone did such a great job! AND I absolutely love Beckham's name! Hope this delivery is quick and painless for you. Can't wait to meet little Beckham!

ginny said...

So cute, Ashley! I didn't know the name yet...love it too! Can't wait to meet sweet Beckham!

Misty said...

Love Love Love his name...can't wait to see him when he arrives. Rest up - praying for a healthy delivery for you!

Grimes Life said...

So cute, love the nursery and that growing belly! :) Can't wait to meet Beckham!