Monday, February 9, 2009

yeeee haw!!

one of the great things about living in fort worth is the stock show and rodeo each year. since i am outnumbered in this household, i do have to do my fair share of manly events. but, i do love a good rodeo every once in a while. rhett and i took court to his first stock show and rodeo on saturday  afternoon. he LOVED being entertained by the tractors, horses, cows, smells, etc. he even got his very 1st cowboy hat which i must say looks pretty darn cute on him!! i really can't wait until next year when he will really love going and watching all of the cowboys in action. i'm pretty sure i'll have a little cowboy on my hands in the near future if he is anything like his daddy!!

pretty big tire!!!

first "real" tractor ride

baby cow giving court a good slobbery lick

1st cowboy hat

fam at the stockshow


Mimi said...

PRECIOUS little cowboy! Doesn't he have the best life ever goin' on! What a doll!

Becky said...

F-U-N...I miss going to the stock show and rodeo! It's been such a long time...

Let's hope Court IS like his Daddy b/c we here at Casita de Alaniz think that's a great thing to be!


Mike and Kim said...

So much fun!! We need to do that! I think Cole would want to jump in start ridin'!! Your pictures are so good. Makes me miss seeing you all so much!