Monday, February 9, 2009

family play date

play dates are SO much fun!! last friday, melissa & cade, and my cousin lindsey and her 2 boys: bo and walker came over for a play date. the moms were definitely outnumbered by all the boys!! they were so cute to watch. court just loved watching bo and walker play with his toys and really didn't even mind when bo started playing cars on his head! he just thought it was the best thing ever. the mommies got some good chatting done which is always needed. can't wait for more play dates! 

the boys

precious bo - could you just eat him up?!?!
court watching the "pro"

cade is telling cousin lindsey "all about it"

i think court is finally figuring out that cade is so much fun to play with. one thing court loves to do is squeeze anyone's nose because most of them "honk" back at him. he was trying to see if cade's nose made the same noise. guess we need to stop that, huh?!?!

picture time! ummmm.... that's court's new favorite thing: sticking the tongue out at ALL times. 


Mimi said...

Cutest four boys in the world! What a blessing! Love ya'll had that fun playtime together! Can't wait til summer for some swim playdays!

Becky said...

Y'all are being over run with boys in that could almost start your own team!

They look like fun-lovin' cousins!


Maegan said...

I am jealous! I guess we are going to have to plan a road trip so Holden can hang out with the boys!