Friday, February 13, 2009


well, we've had the stomach flu around the patterson house this week. court came down with it sunday night, i got it tuesday night, and we really thought it had skipped over rhett. rhett stayed home wed. and thurs. to help with court since i was sick and about passed out changing his diaper one day. court still can't keep much down and rhett went to work for all of 1 hour this morning. then he called and said he was coming home because he had gotten sick at work! needless to say, our valentine's plans are postponed til who knows when. i've got my 2 favorite valentine's here with me anyway so it will be a fun weekend once they are all better.  i'm gonna go take care of my boys now.... hopefully it will end soon!!!


Misty said...

this has been the craziest sickness season! i sure hope your guys are up and feeling better soon!

Mike and Kim said...

I am telling you people are dropping like flies!!! It is crazy!! Get better! Let us know if we can do anything for you three!