Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 star baby

beckham turned 5 months old on the 19th and i am WAY behind on posting about it. we have had a busy 5 months. beckham is just the best baby. i feel like i say that every day because he is so laid back and just goes with the flow. beckham is rolling over all the time now and his favorite time of day to practice is between 1-3 AM. i'm not really sure why this is his favorite time - definitely not mine. we hear him on the monitor just having a good ole' time in his bed until he can't figure out how to get back on his tummy. so, mommy and daddy take turns flipping him back over until he finally gives up and goes back to sleep. i can't remember how long this lasted with court, but hopefully, he'll start practicing this more during the day. beckham has the best smile and the most precious 2 dimples.... it'll melt your heart. he is such a happy baby - we are very blessed. he just loves watching his brother court play - he'll follow him with his eyes all over the house. he is eating bananas and cereal each day and hopefully i'll get some other baby food made soon so he can expand his palate! he bounces so high in his bouncer i'm afraid he is going to fly out. we may have to put that thing away soon. he loves the sound of his voice right now. he just talks and talks and talks... especially when he is trying to fall asleep. he is a mover and a shaker that's for sure. he scoots ALL over his bed, his changing pad, and the floor. we really have to watch him now. beckham is also giving HUGS. when i hold him, he'll wrap both arms around my neck. i know it's not a real hug like court can give now, but i still count it as a hug. at least until he grabs my hair to put it in his mouth, or until he starts sucking on my chin to tell me he is hungry. i really had no idea how much work fun 2 children 2 and under would be. we are busy all day long and half the time at the end of the day, i really don't know what we got accomplished. any one else ever feel like that? :) loving my busy life although i would love to add about 10 extra hours (of sleep) between the hours of midnight and 6 AM. anyone know how to do that?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

our easter weekend started off with rhett having the day off on friday. can i just tell you how much i LOVE it when rhett is home. one extra set of hands is OH SO NICE! he is such a great daddy and does EVERYTHING for his boys!! court spent the night with mimi & pops friday night and rhett and i got so much done around our house. i didn't realize how much time 2 kiddos take up until i just had 1 to deal with. it seemed like such a piece of cake - although i know it isn't. i remember how hard it was when i was a new mommy. now, i'm even more thankful for all the help we get from grandparents!! saturday morning we met mimi & pops and court at IBC for the Easter Eggsperience. we enjoyed an easter egg hunt, bounce houses, carnival games, face painting (court didn't do this), petting zoo, a picnic, and a fun room for toddlers under 3. court had SO much fun and fell asleep on the way home. he took a great 2 hour nap and then cade, aunt missy, and uncle jon came over to celebrate with another easter egg hunt, cupcake decorating, bubble bath, and play time. sunday we got up and went to the early service (we were even early to that). it was a GREAT service about christ's resurrection and our pastor who has been battling stage 4 colon cancer did a great job. we then grabbed a quick bite to eat. court fell asleep again on the way home and took another great nap. i think we had a fun filled weekend! 

ready for the hunt to begin
already a pro!
boy - you better watch out - don't get my eggs!

fun with playdo

petting the donkey
on a mission to find those eggs

cade and missy

found some!

my little bald easter egg!


 all ready for bed in their new p.j.s!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my baby is 2!!!

we celebrated court's 2nd birthday last weekend with a mickey mouse "hot dog" party with family/friends and then topped the day off with dinner at chuck e. cheese. court had a BLAST at his party. nanny helped make the mickey mouse cake - only took 3 trips to the store, but we finally got it finished before midnight. it was so yummy! we had 1 ear left and every time we eat it, we blow out candles and have to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy!

watching "hot dog" while eating "hot dog" cake!

cousin cade and aunt missy eatin' some cake and ice cream

grant is serious about his cake!

present time...... i have no idea who brought what because it didn't get written down in all of the chaos! so, thanks everyone!

check out the yard tools court got. not sure he knows that the weedeater is not for bushes, but oh well!! we'll keep him busy all summer doing  yardwork!

family pic - can you tell court does NOT have time to take pictures when there is playin' to do!

this precious gift arrived 2 years ago and i still cannot believe it! it has FLOWN by! when i think about only having 16 more years with him at home, it makes me so sad - so i won't think about that ANYMORE! he has blessed us in so many ways. he is just the smartest boy i think i've ever known - he may need to skip kindergarten.... hehehe just kidding. he can count to 13, knows MANY letters, knows hundreds of words it seems, can remember just about anything (which is a little scary), copies just about everything we say (which is even scarier), loves his brother, loves to follow  his daddy around and do stuff JUST like him, loves to help, loves to give "bear hugs" and kisses, loves to clap and dance, loves mickey mouse and elmo, loves to play at the kid gym, loves to play with stickers, loves to paint, loves to explore, loves to dig in the dirt, loves to throw balls, loves to play in the sand, loves to read stories at night, and still loves to cuddle after naptime. i hope that last one never changes! we love you THIS MUCH court and are so proud of you!