Friday, June 25, 2010

mother's day 2010

i know i am WAY behind on blogging, so i am going to attempt to catch up. mother's day this year was SO AMAZING. having 2 boys to share it with just made it extra special. it started saturday afternoon with a pedicure while rhett and the boys had a guys day. i came home to rhett doing dinner with the boys and then he took over bedtime. it was nice to have a break and get my toes done! sunday, rhett and the boys made me breakfast and i got a great pic of the boys and their hand/foot prints. i also got the book I Will Carry You by Angie Smith. rhett knows how much i love her blog, so he thought i'd love her book too - which i do! we went to early church and then to mimi & pops to celebrate with the whole fam over lunch. i don't think court napped that day because there was too much fun to be had! he definitely konked early that night!!

i know that i was meant to be a mother to two boys, these 2 precious boys. and a wife to this man. i was born to be rhett’s wife and court & beckham's mommy. there is no doubt, i know.
i was born to carry the immense heartaches and immeasurable joys that come with being a mom, a mom of two boys i know it. it’s no accident, no random luck of the draw. i am immensely blessed.


Mimi said...

YOU are such an amazing MOM! How blessed Rhett and the boys are to have YOU in their lives! I'm so proud of all you stand for as a wife and Mom. I love to watch your gentleness and patience when teaching Court about honesty, fairness, things that might be hurtful to him or others, and always doing what would be pleasing to God. I can only imagine at the end of the day God being so pleased with your work!
Thank you for sharing the boys with us as much as you do...they truly bless our life and fill our hearts...everyday!!

Grimes Life said...

Such a fun Mother's Day celebration! :)

Mike and Kim said...

Wow...what a GREAT post and crystal clear example of what it is to be in a covential marriage. God's Light shines so brightly through your marriage and your motherhood. I am so blessed, and so grateful to God, to call you friend.

Misty said...

I agree with Kim. Your words were so perfectly written. You are a wonderful mother to these precious boys. God knew exactly who they'd need! I hope you get LOADS of hugs and kisses from them today!