Wednesday, June 2, 2010

happy half birthday beckham

this is WAY past due because we have been sick, sick, sick around here. it all started about 2 weeks ago with this cutie pie getting tonsillitis and an ear infection... which then spread to court, and then to mommy. rhett has yet to get sick, thank the LORD! baby boy was ALL better and then WHAMMOOO! sick again - ear infection and red throat is BACK and we are on round 2 of antibiotics... hoping this stuff kicks it in the tail! so, i'm a little behind on the blogging stuff.....
anyways.... here's the scoop on my little man who i just can't get enough of!!
at his 6 month well check which was right smack in the middle of these 2 sicknesses he weighed in at 17lbs. now, he's back up to 17.7 - trying to gain our weight back from being sick. he is 27 in. long and growing like a weed!! he is talking all the time, laughing, grabbing onto things, almost sitting up, loves to eat, loves to put EVERYTHING in his mouth, rolling all over the place, and just the cutest thing!
he still has the best smile and cutest dimples a momma could ever ask for. he lights up when he sees us or court come in the room and is reaching out to hold everyone. love that!!
i'm really at a loss for words thinking about the fact that my baby is 6 months old already. how has 1/2 a year gone by SO FAST?  today we spent time dancing in the office while listening to some good ole' christian music. i love the dave crowder band by the way. i just love dancing with my boys and LOVE that i will always have at least 3 dance partners!
here is my sweet little man on mother's day. :) big brother was anti-picture taking that day. :(

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