Thursday, January 8, 2009

the new do!

here ya go people :) even a day early. 
ignore the tired, sleepy look on my face and the fact that i just brushed my hair before this pic was taken. i've been taking care of a sick baby all day. all he wanted to do was snuggle on my shoulder which i am taking FULL ADVANTAGE of, because i know as soon as he is well, it will be OVER. we just put him to bed full of motrin, with a 102 fever praying that is is down by morning and he is not up all night. poor baby!
this is my "natural" color with a few highlights around my face. we'll see how long i can last before i get bored and need to be blonde again. :)
thanks for all of your sweet words. i'll try to never leave you in suspense this long ever again! :)


M Boyd said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I keep telling myself I'm going to do the same. You just might be the inspiration I needed!

Heather said...

It looks GREAT!!!!! SOOOOO sorry to hear that Court is sick.... teething? Poor baby boy. LOVE the hair!

Misty said...

It looks great! You are a beautiful brunette!

Hope Court gets to feeling better!

Cathy Sparkman said...

it looks wonderful! i like you brown... i went back brown when i was preggers and back to blonde now. it's fun to change it up. looks great. good job!! also, i hope court gets to feeling better. parker has been having a few fevers here lately too. i feel so sorry for them... :o(

Becky said... DO look different Ashley D, in a good way though (I must clarify that). In the 15 years...oh my heavens, did I calculate that right...that we have known each other (since trying out for drill team in high school together) I have NEVER seen you with dark hair. I DO remember in high school that it was more brown than blonde and we all gradually went lighter as we got older...but it looks more of like a brown/auburn color now. It does compliment your skin beautifully, I would DIE for your olive tone by the way! You really do look beautiful, it will just take me awhile to get use to seeing you with dark hair.

But you know the best part Ashley, no matter what color we change our hair to, how we cut it or how time changes us, I find comfort in knowing I will always recognize your "sweetness" of heart!!!
THAT has remained steadfast these 15+ years :)

Enjoy the fun change sweet friend and you get the "beck-n-ator" seal of approval :) Can't wait to see it in person....hopefully soon.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! I went back to brown 4 years ago. I was tired of highlights too. Took me a while to get used to it, but now I love it!!!

Mike and Kim said...

Okay, you look fantastic! When I went all dark brown...I looked like a witch!! I was so milky white and THEN THE HAIR. Like I frightened myself when I passed a mirror! It didn't last long for me! Yours is much much lighter...I love it!

I wish I COULD do my natural color. But that GRAY skunk mohawk looking stripe down the center of my head is just not for me! And when you go darker with gray...not a good mix! Mike said...let it all go gray.... poor color blind boy, he has no idea how BAD it looks!

I love it! Has it grown on you yet? Wish I saw you more often! Miss you! Tell Court and Rhett hi!

Grimes Life said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Looks fabu!

Justin and Rachel Smith said...

I love it, too! So sorry to hear that Court isn't well, but it's always good to hear from you guys!
I tried the dark thing, too, but couldn't take my pasty face! After so long coloring, I'm not sure what my natural color is anymore! But, I love it and it will be SO much easier for you to maintain! Are you growing it out, too? I just think you look great!

Chris O. said...

Ashley, I love it!!! But you always look great.