Tuesday, January 20, 2009


pops and his boys

uncle jon sugars

cade sporting the preppy look

can ya stop taking pictures of me please?

isn't he so stinkin' cute???

hangin' out with nanny and grandad

the birthday boy & fam

my dad (pops) turned the big 6-0 on sunday. i really can't even believe he is already 60!!! court just adores his pops!! i know he is "never spoiled" when he is over at their house. we love you pops!!! 
the whole family came over to our house for a cookout sunday evening to celebrate the big day. we cooked out and enjoyed the babies. rhett's parents were still here, so we had fun eating and visiting with everyone. i can't wait til court and cade are just a little older - they'll wear all of us out running all over the place playing with each other. it is going to be so much fun watching them grow up together. 


Grimes Life said...

LOVE the pics! It was alot of fun and I can TOTALLY wait for them to grow up! ha!! Love the baby stage SO much!!

Misty said...

love these pics. i think it is so funny that your parents are mimi & pops because that is what mine are to my boys, and it's not the generic terms! :) i love court in the last pic...

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Larry...errr..POPS, I mean! Doesn't life get sweeter with age?!?? Love and Hugs to you and your Popster.

Mimi said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my boys soo much! How they EACH bless me ...everyday!