Sunday, September 28, 2008

6 months

don't you think court would make a great "hat" model?

this first six months of court's life sure has flown by. rhett and i talk daily about how blessed we are to have this little ray of sunshine in our lives. each day brings more giggles, more fun, and an indescribable amount of love. i don't want to miss one second of life with court. i'm trying to soak up every single moment and savor every little "look", "smile", "snuggle", and "kiss". yes, court gives kisses now - well, if you consider him opening his mouth as wide as he can and pulling your face as close as he can, a kiss. it's a little slobbery, but worth it every time!
God has given us one of the most amazing gifts, and i now understand His love for me even more now that i am a parent. 
some of my favorite things about 6 months:
  • court loves faces. he will pat your face, pull on your cheeks, feel your skin, and he loves to "study" all of your features
  • court "hits" everything with his hands. he uses his right hand alot, but also his left. i'm calling it right now - i think he'll be a righty!
  • i love how court is so full of laughter when the dogs are wrestling or playing
  • court is now an expert at putting himself to sleep. we just lay him in his crib WIDE awake and he talks for a couple of minutes and is out like a light - no crying at all. now, this only happens if we put him down during his "sleep window". if we miss it, it's not that pretty. 
  • court tries SO hard to sit up by himself. if you lay him down, he wants to sit right up. he tries to "pull" himself up to a sitting position all the time - it won't be long until he can sit all by himself
  • court LOVES, LOVES, LOVES any and all baby food. he hasn't met a food he hasn't liked so far - lets hope it stays that way. some of his favs right now are: avocado (we call it his own guacamole), pears, apples, bananas, squash, and peas
  • court loves to suck on his piggies (toes). he likes them with or without socks - no preference really
  • record 11 hour sleep one night last week- yes - you read that correctly! whooohoooo! i'm probably jinxing myself right now :). hopefully, it will continue
  • court is "practicing" with a sippy cup filled w/water. i don't even know why we have to do this - i don't want him to be old enough for a sippy cup or a regular cup- EVER!!!



Cathy Sparkman said...

Oh, Ashley. Don't they just grow up too fast. I love your description of the close up slobbery kiss. LOL. That is Parker all over... He is teething and it is nothing but wet but like you said - well worth it! Loves to suck his toes... hilarious with or without socks - he has no preference... I love that you caught a pic of it. That's greatness! Well, I'm so glad you are enjoying life with him. I know he is amazing & makes his mommy so happy. That's obvious. Keep sharing. I love hearing and being reminded of all the fun stages that are to come for Parker man... Have a great week!

Justin and Rachel Smith said...

Happy Birthday, Court! What a day! Can you believe that just six months ago you brought that little guy home?!?! I know you're blessed; we prayed that you would be. I'm happy that you guys are so thrilled with him, and that you love being a mom. I'm going to take a diaper poll soon; be ready!
Miss you guys! Rachel

ginny said...

I promise I was thinking, "Court looks like he's modeling that hat" before I read your suggestion! He's so handsome.

Becky said...

Thanks for all the fun updates on our man Court! I know your fav is the 11 hours of sleep straight...I bet you didn't know what to do with yourself?!? Keep it up Court! Gracyn isn't liking her sippy cup much and SHE'S 10 months old today! We'll keep working on it :) Love and HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS blue eyes!!! What a darling grandson!

great aunt becky said...

well, if the precious pictures of court don't make me cry, then your sweet comments do! he is adorable! I think he got those blue eyes from his great aunt becky~I know, I know, his mom and dad have gorgeous blue eyes but I still want the credit! he is beautiful! thank you for always giving God the glory for this precious miracle! I love you! becky

Mike and Kim said...

Oh Ashley! He is so so so cute! Precious eyes.

Yes you DO want the sippy cup! Perfect age...he can go from you to cup! Nothing better! Finger foods around 8-9 months! I so wish I had done that! My sister-in-law had Eric eating table foods by 9 months and was totally on a cup by then too...except for mommy nursing time!

Can't wait to see you!