Saturday, August 2, 2008

4 months

court is 4 months old! he weighs 13 pounds and is 23 1/2 inches long. i can hardly believe it. i was reading through some of the previous blogs and i can't believe how much he has changed already. i saw that at 2 months he was taking almost 2 hour naps during the day. well - that has changed lately. when court got his 1st cold, we got all out of sorts. but, we are working hard at getting back on track. we "attempted" solids this week, but i think we're going to hold off on that for another week or 2. i'd rather work on these naps and get that straightened out first. momma needs a nap every once in awhile.
my favorite things about 4 months:
  • court has found his feet!! they fly high in the air now. pretty soon they will be in his mouth
  • he is really chuckling now when he laughs - it is the most precious thing
  • he is very interested in tucker & ruby - he follows them with his eyes
  • rolling over
  • sitting up with help
  • loves to hold on to you - boy does he have a grip!
  • loves to put anything and everything in his mouth. he just looks at tucker's big ears with his mouth wide open....yum!yum!
  • swimming - loves the pool and loves taking a bath. he gives rhett and i a "bath" every time - it's either pee or bath water. :)
  • he really recognizes us when he sees us now. his whole face just lights up!
  • he still loves to talk: i sure wish i knew what he was saying
i am so lucky to be your mom. you brighten my day from morning til evening. i love how you smile all day long, i love when you nestle in my neck when you're tired, i love when you talk to me and giggle. i just love, love, love every little thing about you. dad better watch out because i am head over heels in love with another man in our house. you are so precious to me and i love you very much.


Mimi said...

Once you meet this precious little guy, your life will never be the same! When he is around, he fills our hearts with his wonderful smiles, his giggles, his snuggles and that wonderful cooing, as if he's saying, over and over, "I LOVE YOU, Mimi!" (which I'm almost certain he is!)
You are my greatest sunshine! I love you!

Mimi said...

WOW Court! What an AWESOME MOMMY you have...God picked her, especially for YOU! She will be the best part of your day, as she has been mine, for the past 31 years!

Mike & Kim said...

First and foremost I love the opening picture of your blogspot..took my breath away. This blog is so special, Ashley. I read your letter with a huge smile remembering a similar letter I wrote Tod when he was 2 years old.

What made me literally cry out loud was the comment that your mom left you. How lucky you are to still be hearing and reading those words from your mama. Cherish every single letter. And thank you for allowing me to read and be a part of something that I miss so profoundly. I can't tell you how much it meant to me this morning.

You are "pinch me, is this for real" blessed! Consider yourself hugged! And hug your mom for me and tell her thanks for sharing her heart with us.

I love you three!
Kimmy & Mike

Cathy Graham said...

Ashley, I'm so glad to get a blog link again! I was having problems w/ the last one, so I was falling behind on your life. Thanks for the honorable mention in your love story! :) It's so fun to remember back on those early days and how I was talking to both of you about the other behind your backs. :) PTL that you are relishing in the joys of parenthood! It is beautiful to read about. Court is a doll!! (in the most masculine sense of the word, Rhett!). Lots of love, Cathy

ginny said...

Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on your little man this Thursday! I told Bryan he better hold him tonight if he wasn't sleeping : ) He is so, so cute!

Becky said...


You are a sweet, sweet boy! I love those big eyes and double chin you've got workin'...Gracie has these too :)
Lemme' know how Tucker likes you using his ears as a teether in the near future!!!

Love you little one!