Saturday, June 28, 2008

3rd month's a charm

wow! i can't believe how fast these months fl by! it seems like yesterday when i was still pregnant, and so excited to meet this little guy inside me. i remember thinking that i would "never" go into labor. then, in the middle of the night - BAM! those contractions hit me like a ton of bricks! whoever said that lamaze breathing works is CRAZY! we are having so much fun with this little guy! :) he is laughing up a storm and is changing more and more every day. he is over 12.2 pounds and is growing like a weed! we are officially in size 2 diapers today after the biggest diaper explosion i've ever seen! obviously the size 1 diapers just cannot handle all he has to "get out". 
i always knew that i would feel this amazing love for court that i couldn't explain once he got here. but, i never knew how much i would ache when i'm not around him. even when he is with the grandparents or aunt/uncle so we can have a date night, i want rhett to speed home just so i can snuggle with him. the other day, we were going to pick court up from mimi & pop's house and rhett was going literally 12 mph (i know that is hard for some of you to believe seeing as how much he really wishes he were a nascar driver). i was about to jump out of the car and walk because i thought it would get me to court faster. i told rhett that i don't know when i'll ever be ready to put him in the church nursery (not because i don't trust them, but just because i'll miss him too much). rhett said we don't have to do any of that until i'm ready! what a great hubby.
my favorite things about 3 months are:
  1. he has started "flirting" with me while he is nursing. he talks and looks up at me and smiles until i look at him and give him a kiss. it takes longer for him to eat, but it is priceless!
  2. he "sighs" alot and his favorite word is "ahhhhh". the sighing sounds like he has just had the longest day and it's a sigh of relief to vent his frustrations
  3. he has found the TV! if it is on when he is in the room, his head turns and he can't focus on anything else: nursing, dad, mom, anything! rhett says it proves that he's a man!

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Mimi said...

What a great Dad Court has been blessed with!