Saturday, May 3, 2014

summer of 2013

whew! having 3 boys 5 and under is a blast! but it is a lot of work!! thank goodness for great grandparents that are so helpful!! the "bigs" (court and beckham) are AMAZING big brothers!! they love to hold him, try to make him laugh, and want to know where he is at all times. since we are trying to figure out how to do life with 3, our summer was full of swimming lessons, vbs, bowling, swimming at mimi & pop's house, and a trip to new mexico at the end of the summer. it was a whirlwind with not much sleep - but oh so fun!
in june, rhett and his dad randal, lived out a dream - driving nascars! they had a blast. it was really hot and they got to drive really fast. the bigs loved watching them go around the track. little bitty stayed home with mimi - it was way too hot for him. 

 we watched one of our favorite movies as a family of five - despicable me 2 - oh the boys laughed so hard - and brooks slept right thru it. oh to be that little again. 

how cute is this little bitty?? 
how who wouldn't enjoy the 4th of july like this??? :)
and happy birthday to the best daddy in the world!

here are some of our family pics with our new little addition. love these 3 boys

 i love going on dates with my big. he wanted to dress up and wear a tie and wanted me to wear a dress. loved this day - gotta soak up as much of him as i can. 
 fun at a splash park not far from mimi's house. 
 yes - i have crazy hair and no one knows why. grandad calls me lightning. 
 fun magic show at the library with friends
 what's swimming without ice cream?
 he loves holding brooks
 swimming with all the cousins

 ahhhhh sleepy time

my personal spy beckham

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Mimi said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE our sweet boys!!!