Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Beckham!

what a fun day celebrating our "little man". i can't believe beckham is already 3. we celebrated with lots of friends and family at one of his favorite places - the fire station. we got a tour of the station and the fire trucks and then celebrated with lunch, cupcakes, and presents. 

beckham and tatum putting out the fires.
tour of the station and trucks - so much to see!

handsome fireman!

our attempt at a group pic
when we started singing to beckham, he started singing along with us, and then he just stopped and listened - sweet boy!


present time!

on beckham's actual birthday, we started the day with balloons, donuts, candles, and more presents. yep - trains! this boy LOVES trains!

 we went to visit the trains at northpark and beckham is STILL talking about them. we are going back before the exhibit leaves for sure! 
 about every 2 minutes, this precious boy would say - oh, i just LOVE trains! he could have stayed here ALL day!

this year has flown by! beckham started preschool 2 days a week and now loves going to school with big brother. he is a great helper, so kind and sweet. he gives the best kisses and hugs, and loves to be held and rocked still. he still loves to suck on his 2 favorite fingers and sleeps great in his big boy bed. he is all boy, VERY independent, and has his own way of doing things - his way or no way! :) we love you so very much beckham and are so thankful to God for you!

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Mimi said...

He is such a precious blessing! Such a fun party!