Sunday, February 26, 2012

it's been a LONG time

it's been SO long since i've posted on the blog - sorry!! since my last post, we've had strep 1 too many times, so both boys had their tonsils out (on the same day). it was well needed, but a stressful 1 1/2 week recovery. they got to enjoy lots of cuddles and popsicles, and thankfully both sets of grandparents were here to help us. we could have never made it without them!! while court was recovering, he was hit by 2 back to back colds which resulted in an awful cough, that eventually led to a pneumonia diagnosis that was later changed to a collapsed lung/lung infection diagnosis. are you still following me? poor guy has been to the dr more times in the last 2 weeks! but, he is healing, and feeling better each day. beckham on the other hand had a hard week and a half after the tonsilectomy and then hit the ground running! thankfully, they are both fully healed from that and we hope to never see another strep test again! :)

 nothing better than recouperating with your best friend
beckham ate his weight in ice cream!!
court probably did too!
ruby thought it was only fair that she get to snuggle on the couch since everybody else did! i think since dodger joined the family, ruby thinks she's a lap dog!
oh and forgot these 2 photos:
court and i doing breathing treatments! thankfully, we are down to 2/day instead of 4/day!!


Mimi said...

So thankful the tonsils are for a fun and healthy spring and summer!!

Cathy Graham said...

I know you're a wonderful nurse, Ashley! Sorry for all the sickness. I LOVE your homepage family photo! Wow - God has given you two dolls (in the most masculine sense of the word) for sons! Love, Cathy Graham :)