Saturday, December 17, 2011

lunch with santa

what a fun way to spend a rainy, wet day this week!! wed, we met mimi, our friend jackson and his mommy melissa, and a friend from court's class in grapevine. they hold an annual lunch with santa. the gym was filled with crafts, ornaments to make, cookies to decorate, a coloring station, a hot chocolate/lemonade station, a place to write letters to santa, a bounce house, and play area. then santa and mrs. claus came in to visit, there was story time and a puppet show, and elves all over! my boys were never in the same spot together, so that is why there is not a pic of the 2 of them. my boys also didn't even care to go visit santa because there was SO much to do - and i think beckham remembers the trauma from having to sit on santa's lap a couple of weeks ago !! fun, fun day - we will enjoy doing this every year!!

 SO much to do - beckham can hardly control himself!!

 mom - where do i go first?!?!
 beckham is trying to find the cookies to decorate...
 puppet show
jackson and court LOVED the puppet show!!

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Mimi said...

It was so much fun..and loved seeing Melissa and sweet Jackson and meeting Court's friend from school..those boys are so cute and had the best time!!