Thursday, July 28, 2011

show off day at swim lessons

boy! we've had a busy 2 weeks! swim lessons 4 days a week for 2 weeks can wear a momma (and a court) out!! but, it is SO worth it to us! court went from not wanting his face to go under the water at the beginning of the summer to jumping off the diving board and swimming across the pool. he learned so much and is our little fishy!! we will enjoy practicing all his "tricks" as he calls them. but, i still will make him wear his floaties (muscles) since i definitely don't trust his swimming abilites just yet. will i ever? i really don't know that i will - just too many scary things happening around us with pool accidents! :) check out my little swimmer! we are SO proud of you court!
at the beginning of the video, you will notice court going to the bathroom in the grass. miss ladonna teaches them to just go in their suit and i think it might be court's favorite thing to do - because today at show off day he told her he had to go 3 times!! all boy - that is for sure!


Misty said...

Good job Court! Such a great swimmer!

Mimi said...

YEAH Court! We are SO PROUD of YOU! You are a great swimmer! Love you, love you, with all my heart!
I love his great attitude about wearing his "muscles"...his life is too precious to ever take the slightest chance!

Mike and Kim said...

WOW Court! That is some amazing swimming!! We loved seeing you the other night!! :)