Monday, June 20, 2011

father's day

what a fun-filled weekend we had!! saturday, we spent the entire day swimming at mimi/pop's and celebrating father's day with uncle jon, aunt missy, cade, tatum, and mimi/pops. we swam, played, made homemade ice cream, took long naps and ate, ate, ate. i don't think beckham went 5 full minutes without eating something! :)
we were WORN out by the time we got home. court and beckham both fell asleep by 7:45 and rhett and i crashed by 9:30. we had a blast hanging out and celebrating the dads in our family. we are blessed with great dads all around: pops, grandad, uncle jon, and rhett. we've had GREAT examples of DADS in our lives - and it shows in watching how rhett and jon love to be daddies!!! :) 
sunday - we worked in the nursery at church and then came home to lunch and naps and celebrating rhett with his favorite meal for dinner: chicken fried steak. at the end of this week, nanny and grandad are visiting so we will get to celebrate with them too! they are keeping the boys for a long weekend so rhett and i can go on an anniversary/birthday trip!! woohoo! can't wait!!


Mimi said...

Oh what fun we had having you all! Made Dad's day absolutely perfect, as well as mine! LOVED every minute with each of you!

Maegan said...

I hope Jon washed that paci before and after sticking it in his mouth! Unsanitary!:) Looks like a fun weekend!