Saturday, March 20, 2010

the fab 4

couldn't ya just eat him up?!?!?! i know i am biased in thinking that i have the 2 most gorgeous boys that have ever walked (or crawled) the planet! look at this cutie! he is 4 months old and full of chunkiness! i just squeeze his rolls every time i see them - and there are more and more each and every day. we go to the doc in a week so i don't have any official stats, but i do know that beckham is over 15lbs and over 25 inches long. he doesn't miss a meal - can you tell? he is getting the hang of naps now and falling asleep pretty good on his own. he has the most amazing smile and loves to laugh at us. i'm sure we're pretty funny looking making all those goo-goo faces at him. court just LOVES his baby brother to pieces. he can't quite say "beckham" yet, it comes out something like "daweyah". not sure why. they are the cutest boys together and i'm so glad they will grow up so close in age - and be the best of friends!
i always knew that i would love you just as much as court, just didn't know where i would find the room because my heart was already SO FULL of love. but, boy, my heart has doubled in size! you melt my heart with your eyes, your smile, and those precious dimples. the only one in the family with those special angel kisses. we love you more than you can imagine. i love your coos and giggles. and you are already rolling over - you are such a showoff! you are a very laid back baby and so patient with mommy - except when you're starving (which is ok). can't wait to see what the future holds. i thank GOD each and every day for our surprise blessing. we couldn't have asked for a better surprise. exactly 1 year ago, we were shocked to learn that you would be arriving soon and are more and more thankful for you each and every day. i LOVE you THIS MUCH!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

0 for 7

i'm going on about 3 hours of total sleep right now. so pardon me if there are any grammatical errors. this was our night last night:

10:00pm feed beckham

go to sleep

1:30 feed beckham when he wakes up starving

go back to sleep

3:15 court wakes up (he's been sick for a week, but this was the 1st night he woke in the middle of the night) - gave him tylenol

go back to sleep

3:30 beckham wakes up from a leaking diaper (change diaper, pajamas, and sheet) then rock him back to sleep. he thought it should be play time, but i said NO NO! :)

rhett is still trying to get court back to sleep cuz his throat hurts

go back to sleep

4:30 beckham spits up alot in his bed and can't go back to sleep - he burps a ton and then i get him back to sleep

5:13 is when i went back to lay in my bed
court is still restless so he and rhett go sleep on the couch downstairs

6:00 beckham wakes up screaming and has more gas so i burp him good and get him back to sleep

6:30 court is awake watching "hot dog" and rhett has to get ready for work (me too... hehehe)

7:00 beckham wakes up for the day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

7:05 call mimi and ask her to come help because i am loopy to say the least!

hoping and praying for a better night tonight!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

no boys allowed - girls weekend

last weekend, we started an annual NO BOYS ALLOWED - girls weekend on my mom's side of the family. it was SO MUCH fun!! it is the weekend of my grandmommie's birthday, and since she isn't around to celebrate with us anymore, we are celebrating for her! beckham got to tag along with mommy since i am his main source of nourishment. there were 3 other babies too! 8 week old twins, and 1 year old ellison. we had a full house. we rented a 7,000 sq.ft. house on the lake, stayed up late playing games, and ate ourselves silly!

here are the girls and the babies before we left. that's the house in the background.

my precious boy that got to crash the party. here he is droolin' over something yummy!
we are playing catch phrase here, and mom (mimi) HATES it because of the ticking time bomb that goes off at the end. 

the lake view. dr. mckdreamy (patrick dempsey) has a house on this lake. it's way out on the left side of this picture. 

can you guess who this is?
yep - it's beckham - all ready for the ride home in the car. 

how sweet are these two? they were just the cutest things and so fun to cuddle with!
we missed 2 of our ladies... mark your calendars heather and melissa - cuz we're doing it again next year! 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wordless wednesday (with words)

well, we are planning a big 2 year old's birthday party around here.... yep you guessed it - it's a HOT DOG party in honor of mickey mouse! :) we are just loving talking to court. he says probably 20 new words a day. of course we can't understand them all, but he can repeat just about anything you say... which is a little scary. :)