Tuesday, March 16, 2010

0 for 7

i'm going on about 3 hours of total sleep right now. so pardon me if there are any grammatical errors. this was our night last night:

10:00pm feed beckham

go to sleep

1:30 feed beckham when he wakes up starving

go back to sleep

3:15 court wakes up (he's been sick for a week, but this was the 1st night he woke in the middle of the night) - gave him tylenol

go back to sleep

3:30 beckham wakes up from a leaking diaper (change diaper, pajamas, and sheet) then rock him back to sleep. he thought it should be play time, but i said NO NO! :)

rhett is still trying to get court back to sleep cuz his throat hurts

go back to sleep

4:30 beckham spits up alot in his bed and can't go back to sleep - he burps a ton and then i get him back to sleep

5:13 is when i went back to lay in my bed
court is still restless so he and rhett go sleep on the couch downstairs

6:00 beckham wakes up screaming and has more gas so i burp him good and get him back to sleep

6:30 court is awake watching "hot dog" and rhett has to get ready for work (me too... hehehe)

7:00 beckham wakes up for the day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

7:05 call mimi and ask her to come help because i am loopy to say the least!

hoping and praying for a better night tonight!


Misty said...

thank heaven for mimi's....i'm sleepy just reading your post ashley! my boys are at their mimi's this week. nice to have good moms, isn't it???

hope the boys both get to feeling better!

Mimi said...

I loved getting that call....love, love, love my time with our sweet boys! Hopefully they're half as tired as you and Rhett, so they'll sleep better tonight. Precious baby boys~

Heather said...

Oh man, we have those nights.... JUST when you get used to the baby sleeping through the night things change with him and the older one is sick or thirsty or has bad dreams or... Hope you got a LITTLE rest and hope tonight is a better one for all. We love you guys.

Grimes Life said...

OH NO, i hope last night was much better! :)
I hope everybody gets to feeling better soon, we want to play! :)