Saturday, June 20, 2009


my FAVORITE photographer, brandi, is offering a new photo session option starting this summer. she is lowering her prices to make it more affordable to get great pics. so, if you're interested, call her up and she will take beautiful photos of your fam! tell her we sent ya - we're one of her regular customers!! :)

you could end up with a cute tooshie shot like this...

or - a cowboy pose like this.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wordless wednesday

the things you find when you're packing up your house to move........

Sunday, June 14, 2009

my love

our wedding day 6 years ago - the 1st "best day of my life"!

ahhhhhhh - hawaii. i can't wait to go back there one day......

today rhett and i are celebrating our 6th anniversary. we've known each other for almost 8 years - the best 8 years of my life. before rhett and i started dating, i remember telling my parents that i wanted to marry someone just like him: he was so generous, kind-hearted, a servant of the Lord and others around him, one of those "good guys" that you don't meet very often. i'm so glad God agreed with me!! rhett is STILL all of those things and so much more. now, he is an amazing husband that puts my every need before his. he makes sure i am happy/content before himself. i am so lucky, yet so undeserving. he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world even when i have stayed in my p.j.'s all day carrying around a cranky court and feeling fat because i don't think i look pregnant yet. rhett is the most self-less man i know. he picks me up when i feel blue and he calms me down gently when i'm aggitated (rarely happens...hehe). he has such a gentle spirit and would never knowingly hurt anyone. he is my rock! rhett is also an AMAZING father. he is so patient and gentle with court. his heart hurts when court falls or is upset.  rhett is the first person court wants to hold him in the morning because they only get a short time to snuggle before rhett leaves for work.  he will play with court for hours when he comes home because he can hardly stand to be away from him all day. court LOVES LOVES LOVES his daddy and is already growing up to be just like him. i would love nothing more. i love how rhett takes the time to explain everything to court: how to cook spaghetti, where his tools go, how to grill a great hot dog, etc. court just takes it ALL in and listens to every word! i am so blessed to be able to witness this every day. and come november, i know our hearts will be even more full of love for our new addition. we can't wait! i love my husband and am so lucky to have him in my life. God truly blessed me with this amazing man. happy anniversary babe! can't wait to spend the next 90 years with you! :) i love you!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Fun

we had such a fun day playing in the sun today. cade and aunt missy met us at mimi and pop's house and we played and played. we found this splash blow-up slide thingy at big lots after i saw it on my friend michelle's blog. let me just say - it was a HIT!! court played on it for HOURS!! he had the best time sliding about 1000 times and trying to drink the water from the "fountains". he was worn out for sure by the end of the day. we also played in the pool, but i think he had MUCH more fun on this thing. check out the pics. 

me and the cade-man chillaxin'