Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Fun

we had such a fun day playing in the sun today. cade and aunt missy met us at mimi and pop's house and we played and played. we found this splash blow-up slide thingy at big lots after i saw it on my friend michelle's blog. let me just say - it was a HIT!! court played on it for HOURS!! he had the best time sliding about 1000 times and trying to drink the water from the "fountains". he was worn out for sure by the end of the day. we also played in the pool, but i think he had MUCH more fun on this thing. check out the pics. 

me and the cade-man chillaxin'


Mimi said...

Best day ever with my two favorite grandsons! Can't begin to express my love for them~thank you all for sharing them with Pops and I so much...each time I see them,I'm a little more blessed than the time before...needless to say, my heart runneth over, ABUNDANTLY, with love for those precious little boys!!

The Dedwylder Family said...

I just put a comment on your facebook that "Somebody went to Big Lots!" Don't you love it! I wish I had one when I was a kid. Wyatt is still getting used to his. I think it's a little overwhelming but I'm sure when the real hot weather kicks in he'll come around. Court sure looks like he enjoyed it! We'll have to have ya'll come over sometime this summer so the boys can play in it!

Mike and Kim said...

How neat that Cade and Court are so close in age...forever friends. We are so fortunate to have similar age match ups in Mike's family....love it!!

Can't wait to see you Monday again...if Kim is feeling better!!!