Sunday, September 27, 2009

this boy loves to be outside!!

court LOVES to be outside. if i even mention the word, oUtSiDe, there is DrAmA until we actually make it out the door. so, last week, when we had some great cool weather, we spent alot of time outdoors. we headed to the park to feed the ducks. court loves the ducks but they get a little too close for comfort, so he sticks close to DAD.

this boy can do some serious sliding. luckily he can get to the top by himself and i just have to catch him at the bottom. this comes in handy being 8 months pregnant. 

he also loves to swing....

here we are playing in the backyard and he is "counting" with mimi. mimi was bouncing up and down while counting, so now court thinks that is how you have to do it every time you count. rhett was so confused the first time he saw court "bouncing" and counting. once he sees you do something, he remembers! smart boy!! he'll fit in great at A&M!!! :)
sitting on the back step checking everything out. 

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Mimi said...

Love these new pictures..he's so grown up! Love, love him so much!