Monday, May 18, 2009

fun sunday afternoon

on sunday after church, we headed over to some friend's house to celebrate trevor's 3rd birthday party. they had a petting zoo and pony ride in their backyard! it was a hit with everyone! court loved seeing all the animals and riding the pony. we were so busy playing with the animals that we missed the birthday boy opening presents! i'll just say i'm remembering this party for the future. what great entertainment for all!!! :) these pics were taken from my cell phone, so they are not the best. 

all that's missing is his cowboy hat and boots!


Cathy Sparkman said...

awe, i love him on the pony... i bet he had a blast! that's cool he wasn't scared. i'm assuming he was extremely curious???

Mimi said...

He loves that horse, doesn't he! Know he had the best time with the petting zoo yesterday, and the Zoo today...what a treat!

Becky said...

we went to a farm party too once and you're WAS a blast. Cade was around Court's age when we went :)

P.S. He looks SO grown up in that shorts onesie and loafer sneakers! He's precious!!!

ginny said...

Man, we missed it! What fun. :)