Sunday, April 13, 2008

2 weeks old

well, our little man is now 2 weeks old. he is growing just like the doc wants him to. our little court is so strong already - he loves to do pushups on mom and can hold his head up when he's angry (hungry). he is starting to stay awake a little more in between his 4 hour feedings. he has the most precious dark blue eyes (i'm hoping he keeps them). he is not too excited about baths yet because he is still having to take sponge baths. hopefully, he'll love the real thing. we are enjoying every bit of this little guy. rhett goes back to work on tuesday and i know it's gonna just kill him. he is so attached to this precious baby. i have really enjoyed rhett being able to take off for 2 weeks - he has helped me so much! we've had wonderful help from our family as well. mimi came and spend several nights, cooked, cleaned, and had baby duty in the wee hours of the morning. nanny and grandad came for about a week and helped a ton as well, by cooking, cleaning, and loving on this baby!

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