Friday, January 22, 2010

2 months is TOO fun!

i am trying my best to get ahead of the game and post on time about my precious 2nd son. but, we are just having 2 much fun being 2 months old! here are a few of my favorite things about 2 month old beckham:
  • his smile can light up the ENTIRE house! he was born with a precious dimple on his right cheek, and now he has one on his left cheek too! girls..... eat your heart out!
  • beckham is really starting to talk now. he'll just carry on an entire conversation. it's really fun while he's trying to nurse because all he wants to do is smile and coo at me. i could do it all day, but we'd REALLY not get anything done. i don't remember court doing this so early, but maybe he did. :)
  • he is such a strong little boy. he is holding his head up great and will just hold onto your finger forever
  • he loves watching court... i love seeing him follow court when he's walking around
  • he is falling asleep by himself for the most part and taking great naps!! 
  • he still likes to eat/snuggle 2 times in the night which is ok by me cuz i know it won't last forever. :)
  • he weighs 12.4 lbs (as of a week ago) and is 23 in. long! he grew 3 inches in 6 weeks! no wonder he can't wear 0-3 mnth clothes anymore. onto the 3-6 month tub!
  • i just love this little man to pieces and i LOVE having 2 boys!
check out my post of court at 2 months old and a pic of that handsome boy.